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This great family film can be rented at Red Box... Starting in May will be shown on Showtime! What horses can you recognize? Over 7 of our rescues are used. Dogs and Horses. Mostly all filmed on location here at Heavens Ranch. Starring..."El Rey" as "Harley" (you can request your next lesson on him) Enjoy!
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Heaven's Ranch Rescue is passionate and committed to relieving the suffering of equine abuse, neglect or abandonment as well as those at rick for slaughter. We provide rescued  horses with a consistent environment and a second chance to find a qualified home. In the event that a home is not found, Heavens Ranch becomes there forever home. 

As a tool in the battle against neglect, Heavens Ranch wishes to establish an educational program for owners of equines. much of the abuse and neglect can be avoided by providing owners with education and knowledge regarding proper equine care including. 

1. Illness
2.Training and Handling
3. Financial Responsibility 

We have found that many horses end up in a rescue situation due to lack of training, dishonest marketing strategies to the "Green Horse" and lack of knowledge regarding the life-long financial responsibility of horse ownership. 

Heaven's Ranch has designed and implemented a strong educational program benefiting both equine and human. By combining knowledge and time a perfect fit is always found. Although rescue numbers are not huge due to lack of funds, our program, insures success for both horse and rider.

Please take consideration and an offering of any donation is managed to perfection in the support of this mission...... 

Thank you & God bless 
       Miss Annee